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March 2014
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Jamaal Abdul-Alim

Staff Writer
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If you want to know about Jamaal Abdul-Alim, go to YouTube and search for “Moonbite: Total Eclipse Through The Eyes of a Child," or "Kids Help Dad Build A Model Truck." That's where you'll find Jamaal engaged in the aforementioned activities with his children, Ya Sin, age 9, and Hadiyah, age 7.

Jamaal is a longtime print journalist who spent more than a decade covering crime, foster care and education at one of the top daily newspapers in the Midwest, The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel. He is a former journalism instructor at his alma mater, the University of Wisconsin/Milwaukee, and was twice selected as a Casey Journalism Fellow and once as a Knight-Wallace Fellow at the University of Michigan.

Jamaal spends countless hours playing chess at various parks in major U.S. cities and on-line with people from around the world. He has travelled extensively, including to Morocco, Argentina, Turkey and Saudi Arabia.

Jamaal covers college and careers through a Gates Foundation grant.

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